Our menopause - COMMITMENT
Our menopause


Peachie makes delicious, tailored nutrition for the menopause. Peachie has worked with a chef and nutritionists to develop a menopause breakfast topping with tasty nuts, super seeds, hand baked with a bespoke supplement blend which includes 14 carefully selected vitamins & minerals to support a Peachie menopause.

We're proud to join GenM alongside pioneering organisations working together to change perceptions of the menopause and give female health the recognition it deserves. 

We applaud GenM and their vital mission to normalise the menopause conversation. As well as offering delicious nutrition that is easy to incorporate into daily life, we want to help women experience their menopause in a positive way. We join GenM on this mission to centre societal conversations about female health.

Becky Horrocks-Taylor,
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