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Menopause landscape

There are more than 15.5m women in the UK alone, and 1 billion globally, who are currently in menopause. Yet, as found in GenM’s Menopause Market Report, their needs are underserved and they feel invisible. Retailers and brands often overlook the specific demands of this demographic and how best to serve them.

  • 0%

    Want to shop products labelled ‘menopause-friendly’.

  • 0%

    Demand more from brands they can trust

  • 0%

    Believe brands lack clear signposting, making it difficult to find what they need.

  • 0%

    Customer satisfaction amongst those who noticed menopause-friendly labelling (online or in-store).

VisionM and the MTick

VisionM and the MTick

By removing the fear from menopause, GenM empowers women with choice, enabling them to thrive and have a better lived experience.

The MTick is the universal symbol transforming the shopping experience for the menopause audience, delivering choice, trust and respect to an exponential market opportunity.

The vision?

That globally, retailers and brands better understand and serve the menopausal consumer, both in-store and online.

United by a universal symbol for menopause shopping, GenM has set into motion a vibrant, inclusive and trusted marketplace that delivers on the needs of an underserved audience, to empower them the choice and control to manage their menopause,
their way.

Transforming how women search, source and shop for menopause

The MTick is the world’s first universal shopping symbol to signpost menopause-friendly products, both in-store, online and on packaging.

We are proud of GenM’s growing Collective, inclusive of the progressive retailersbrands and manufacturers, each playing a critical role in delivering a trusted and vibrant menopause market.



No one brand can do it alone, but united by GenM, we can collectively build credibility and trust within the menopause market.

GenM’s growing Collective includes some of the biggest retailers, brands and manufacturers, all of which have a role to play.

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Menopause is now - and it’s the future of purposeful retail

With 1 billion women globally experiencing menopause, the £16 billion* global market opportunity cannot be ignored.

Whether through in-store, online or on packaging, the menopause market deserves designated space. No longer positioned at the bottom shelf, back of store or hidden online – menopause is a category deserving a front and centre positioning across retail experiences.


Menopause is now - and it’s the future of purposeful retail

MTick criteria

MTick eligibility begins with becoming a GenM partner – only brands and retailers which meet one (or more) of the criteria can proudly display the symbol on packaging, marketing, or at point or sale:

All data is supplied by the brand and Retailer and verified by GenM. If the data cannot substantiate the criteria, approval for use of the MTick is not given.

MTick criteria
  • 01.

    Backed by claims

    Backed by authorised medicinal, cosmetic and/or health claims*

  • 02.

    Tried & tested

    Tired and tested by menopausal women in clinical user trials that generate significant statistical evidence for a specified symptom(s) or sign(s)

  • 03.

    Features technology

    features trialled and verified technology or functionality to support one (or more) of the 48 symptoms or signs

  • 04.


    Surveyed by a representative number of Menopausal women to generate at least a 4 star Trustpilot rating in relation to a specified symptom (s) or sign(s)

Partnership benefits

Our partnership benefits support our GenM Collective to make a positive impact at every step – all exclusively available within the membership fee.

As the menopause partner for brands, GenM provides a comprehensive suite of benefits to help all our Partners make the most of this purposeful market opportunity and improve the menopause experience for all.

  • Exclusive use of the MTick - the world’s first menopause-friendly symbol (Subject to meeting criteria)

  • Annual Menopause Market Research Report

  • Access to a Global
    Partner Portal

  • Cross-Collective Menopause Month Campaign

  • Partner Badge and
    Website Page

  • Automatic Eligibility into the GenM Awards

  • Relationship Manager
    and Induction Pack

Partner tiers
& costs

Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a challenger brand, we’ve made the menopause accessible to all brands and organisations that believe in our collective mission: to make the menopause experience better today than yesterday. This includes enhancing how we search, source and shop products.

We have created three tiers of entry point to membership with all partners being treated equally. A discount on fees can be discussed for multi-brand and/or division agreements.

  • Independent Trailblazer

    £5k pa

    To qualify as an Independent Trailblazer, you will be a small brand with an annual turnover of no more than £10.2 million.

  • Pioneering Champion

    £15k pa

    To qualify as a Pioneering Champion, you will be a medium sized brand with an annual turnover of no more than £36 million.

  • Leading

    Starting at
    £25k pa

    To qualify as a Leading Giant, you will be a large brand by way of not meeting the small and medium sized brand definitions above.

    A discount on fees can be discussed for multi brand and/or division agreements.

  • Your annual fee is fixed for the Initial Term of your agreement.

Founder story

Founder story

When GenM launched two years ago, its Founders knew their voices alone couldn’t change the global menopause landscape.

Now, with millions of women’s voices behind them and a shared commitment from some of the world’s most powerful brands and retailers, seismic change is happening.

Join us in transforming the menopause experience for the better and driving real change to the change.

Are you in?

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*Source: https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/menopause-market

***Health claims – For the 48 symptoms and signs, EFSA approved health claims. Pending health claims – accepted for botanicals and herbal ingredients whereby additional information/research to support the pending claims is provided.