Our menopause - COMMITMENT
Our menopause


Menopausal women have been ignored for too long. Filling the gap that society has glossed over can often look more like a commercial and marketing conquest where women are being bombarded by midlife must-haves; namely, products which will help ‘ride the storm of the menopause’ or ‘make us look younger’. We don’t believe in promoting negative reflections of midlife - this can and should be a transformative time. Women want to look and feel like the best versions of themselves - they don’t want to turn back time. Made Of More believe we should be seeing this as a stage of self-discovery, confidence, empowerment and our second spring, where we are quite simply, Made of More. We’re incredibly proud to be a founding member of Gen M and we are fully committed to changing the narrative around the menopause.

Made Of More are absolutely delighted to be a founding partner at Gen M. Gen M is pioneering a brighter outlook for women at this stage of life which is exactly what Made Of More is also all about. For me personally I have been blown away by the support and advice that Gen M offer. When this many women come together; truly extraordinary things can happen.

Jackie Lamyman,
Founder & CEO
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