Our menopause - COMMITMENT
Our menopause


At the heart of Paused.com lies a profound understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that peri-menopause and menopause present.  Our mission is to ensure that every woman feels empowered, informed, and ready to embrace the beauty of life during and beyond menopause. We want every woman to have confidence to navigate this natural transition with confidence, grace and vitality. 

At Paused we're incredibly proud to be partnering with Gen M, the incredible organisation that together with its collective of brands is breaking down age old taboos when it comes to menopause and ensuring women feel seen and heard as they go through their menopause journey. At Paused, our thoughtfully curated range of supplements has been designed exactly with this mission in mind - we are here to support women going through menopause and help them to gain control of their symptoms. We're so excited to be on this journey of normalising the conversation and empowering women together! 

Hilary Leam ,
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