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The Better Menopause offers products rooted in science to empower women during midlife. Our flagship biotic, The Better Gut, addresses the scientific connection between gut health and hormonal shifts during menopause. Developed with expert doctors, the supplement seeks to restore gut health and alleviate menopausal symptoms. As a community led brand we're delighted to be partnering with GenM to revolutionise the menopause narrative for generations of women to come.

Our mission at The Better Menopause is to provide science-led products that help alleviate the symptoms experienced by many women during menopause.

We are extremely proud to be partnering with GenM. Being part of a collaborative voice along with other like minded brands is essential to spreading the ‘new story’ of menopause. A woman’s midlife is a time to shine, not to fade away, and it’s our job as partners to make sure society empowers and supports women through this phase of life.

Jo Lyall ,
Nutritional Therapist and founder of The Better Menopause

Menopause products available from The Better Menopause

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