Our menopause - COMMITMENT
Our menopause


Kollo Health are partnering with GenM, the menopause partner for 80 brands and growing, to break the taboo surrounding menopause and revolutionise women's health education. Menopause is a transformative phase in a woman's life, yet it has been surrounded by silence for far too long. Together, with GenM, we are stepping forward to change that narrative, providing women and their support networks with accurate information and support.

Menopause is a phase that is too often shrouded in silence. With the MTick, we're breaking that silence, empowering women with accurate information and support. Kollo Health is honoured to partner with GenM to bring about positive change for generations to come

Jenni Falconer,
Co-Founder of Kollo Health Ltd

Menopause products available from Kollo Health

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