Loud and proud

We believe that the menopause deserves better understanding, recognition and support. We also believe in the power of a collective to incite incredible change.

Everyone has an important part to play in raising society’s awareness of the menopause and breaking the age-old taboo – including you.

Only by sharing experiences of ‘the change’ and encouraging brands, big and small, to get on board with GenM’s mission can we change perceptions and help millions of women lead more fulfilling lives.

Because the more retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and whole industries that unite and demonstrate their commitment towards improving the menopause experience, the more success we’ll have in normalising the conversation.

Our select group of Founding Partners have pledged their support publicly in our nationwide campaign. Will you pledge yours?


Take the


We invite you to join us and take the GenM Pledge yourself. Together, with our Founding Partners, we’ll encourage brands and organisations to follow our lead and make real change for ‘the change’. Let’s unite in raising awareness for the menopause by becoming a voice too loud to ignore.
Full Name(Required)
As someone who is committed to changing attitudes and improving the menopause experience for all, I will:
  • Talk about the menopause more in everyday conversations with friends, family and colleagues.
  • Share with GenM the brands I think need to support the menopause better.
  • Extend the conversation online by sharing at least one GenM post with a minimum of 48 contacts on my social media networks
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