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menopause guide for managers

There are 15.5m menopausal women in the UK

And, by 2025, 1 billion women worldwide. Yet, most feel entirely overlooked and underserved at home, at work and across society.

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There are 15.5m menopausal women in the UK
the GenM

invisibility report


Our nationwide Invisibility Report uncovered a new depth of insight on the distinct lack of support, education and knowledge on the menopause, as well as the extent to which women feel invisible.

These valuable findings shape the foundations for all that we want to achieve at GenM.


feel overlooked by society and brands.


believe brands should work harder to cater for the menopause.


have never seen specific advertising or marketing for menopausal products.


would like their workplace to be better set up for menopausal colleagues.

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No one person’s menopause is the same - and not everyone experiences a ‘bad’ menopause. But even if anyone says, “it’s not that bad”, it would suggest it could be better.

It’s why GenM supports those in menopause and their support networks to take control and manage their symptoms, their way. So those affected can be the best version of themselves

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The Gen M Pledge
the GenM


By aligning with the GenM Pledge, Founding Partners commit to a series of actions, including better representing the menopause in products, services, campaigns, workplace policies and conversations across society.

It’s the important first steps towards improving the menopause experience, raising awareness of the 48 symptoms, and normalising the conversation. GenM have the power to play an active and important role in achieving these goals.

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Gen M Barands

Will you pledge to serve the menopause better?

People affected by the menopause deserve support. And where there’s demand, there’s opportunity to incite purposeful change across society generally, but importantly for your consumers, customers and work colleagues.

Better still, by transforming attitudes and developing a more menopause-friendly environment that supports and understands menopausal women, you will better appeal to this underserved market and retain some of the most talented and experienced work colleagues to help your organisation thrive.

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Gen M Consumers

We're on the cusp of change

Nobody should feel invisible. GenM is here to support you and have your voice heard. Join us in raising the volume and encouraging more brands to get on board with a positive menopause revolution by signing our pledge.

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Founding Partners

access gen m consulting services

To create a world where everyone prospers, we must dismantle the stigma, cut through the taboo, and encourage brands, organisation and employers to bridge the gap between the menopause and their market.

It’s why all our Founding Partners have exclusive membership access to GenM Consulting Services, helping them utilise their skill set and appeal to an incredibly underserved menopausal audience.

Delivered by GenM’s experts, and our specialist partners, services are expected to include:

  • Brand support – strategy, marketing and advertising
  • Menopause-friendly product identification and signposting
  • Workplace support and training
  • Research into this market and audience
  • The Co-Founder Advisory Board

We see this list evolving over the coming months and years, as Founding Partners tell us what they need from us to thrive. 

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Founding Partners
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