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According to research by Health & Her, an eye-watering 14 million working days are lost each year to the menopause. With women over 50 now the fastest-growing segment of the workforce, we can’t ignore it in the workplace any longer.

Below you’ll find the best of the best when it comes to employer support and resources, split into two sections:

  • Get Ready: information, education and actions plans to help you begin your journey towards a menopause-friendly workplace
  • Get Going: specialists who offer tailored support and training to help you implement your plan and upskill your leaders

The challenges COVID-19 has thrown for businesses doesn’t mean the menopause should drop back down the list. There are still some fantastic specialists out there who offer virtual training and guidance so you can start making a difference today.

We also recommend you share our site with your teams so they can understand the menopause better – whether they’re in the menopause or not.

As more businesses realise this is a societal issue, and not a gender one, we hope this section will only grow. If you are a consultant doing amazing things in this field, or work for a company who has brought in a third party service and had great results, please let us know.

Get Ready
Get Going


CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, has put together a brilliant page of resources, guides and support materials for both HR departments and line managers.

  • Learn how to create an open and supportive culture around menopause with ‘The Menopause at work: guidance for managers’ guide, in conjunction with Bupa
  • Advice to help line managers help menopausal colleagues reach their full potential
  • Download posters, leaflets and social media graphics to help break down the stigma in your workplace


As the centre of trade unions, the TUC is the voice of Britain at work and arguably the voice of menopause too. A search of the word on their site returns pages and pages of results. They provide a wide range of downloadable resources to help unions support colleagues at work. Here are some of the menopause-related downloads and articles we like most.

  • Menopause in the workplace: a toolkit for trade unionists in Wales
  • Supporting women through the menopause: Guidance from union representatives
  • What should employers do? Article by Worksmart
  • That it’s great central hub for information about menopause in the workplace

Unison: The Menopause is a Work Issue

Unison is the largest trade union body in the UK, representing around 1.4 million public service workers across both the state and private sectors. They’ve created a handy booklet to help support and inform businesses looking to create a menopause policy for employees.

It’s not perhaps the most user-friendly of sites, but it’s the only place we’ve found that features full biographies of professionals, alongside qualifications, prices, packages and contact details.

  • It covers the symptoms and impact of tthe menopause on women, trans and non-binary people
  • Contains key features within a range of core policies needed to create a supportive environment for menopausal employees
  • Features quotes and research from Newson Health


Lexology Menopause and Work: handy and easy-to-digest advice for employers in the UK.


Faculty of Occupational Medicine: Expert medical guidance on menopause and the workplace.


Blooming Menopause

Founder Dinah Tobias can help you to create an inclusive, open and safe culture for your managers and employees to talk about menopause. She understands the impact menopause has on workforces because she’s been there herself.

With 16 years’ coaching and mentoring experience and over 30 years’ experience working with senior business leaders, if you want to create a menopause-inclusive workplace, Dinah can help through her programmes, coaching and mentoring.

  • She makes a compelling business case about the benefits of offering menopause education and support in workplaces
  • Choose from tailored programmes, webinars, guidance for HR and occupational health and performance coaching
  • You can see how well your business is (or isn’t) doing with an evaluation of existing menopause attitudes within your organisation
  • She offers a complete toolkit to help your employees and their managers better understand and support those in menopause


Henpicked makes it easy for businesses to get everyone talking about menopause, offering a number of professional services, including training and policy support. They’ve worked with big brands including Sainsbury’s, Next and Pepsi to name a few.

  • They offer workshops for both HR teams, line managers and employees – and all training is CPD Accredited
  • Tools to help managers feel confident talking to their teams about menopause
  • They’re not letting the pandemic slow their progress and now offer online conferences to keep businesses talking about this important topic

Julie Dennis

Partnering with businesses across the UK, Julie aims to introduce the menopause as an inclusive topic, educate leaders and improve the experience of people working through this transition.

  • She offers menopause workshops, webinars, e-learning and policy support
  • Her training programmes are delivered via a three-phase approach; awareness, education and support
  • COVID-19 hasn’t stopped her and she’s now delivering her programmes virtually

MenoHealth at Work

MenoHealth has a unique programme of online workshops and easy exercise sessions to help businesses support colleagues through and beyond the menopause, with lunchtime sessions that fit conveniently into the working day.

Their trainers focus on a different topic each week, allowing your employees the chance to feel heard, understood and are supported to manage their individual symptoms. The sessions also include some easy exercises which can be done at home or at work to improve physical and mental health.

  • You can arrange an introductory chat or request an information pack online
  • Their 30-minute workshops are perfect for busy workplaces
  • They’re experts at facilitating open discussions so everyone feels empowered to take control of their menopause symptoms
  • They really listen and create a programme tailored to your business and colleagues – whether you’re at the start of your menopause awareness journey or want to provide the best ongoing support for your team

Over The Bloody Moon

Over The Bloody Moon offer engaging, educational and supportive workshops for those going through menopause at work, their colleagues and employers. They bring their menopause expertise and corporate experience together to provide a menopause roadmap unique to your organisation.

From education workshops for employees through to bite-size videos to managers – and even menopause programmes for anyone transitioning into menopause – they’ve covered every angle.

  • Get expert support with menopausal policy documents and initiatives
  • Their menopause services aim to help you to retain menopausal colleagues
  • Specific support for those who find talking about the M word difficult
  • Their services can support everyone in your organisation from the time-poor to those wanting to understand all they can


The brilliant women behind PositivePause are helping HR professionals understand the implications of menopause symptoms in the workplace, and spreading positivity while supporting business to create new and improved processes.

  • They deliver specialist physical and mental health wellbeing sessions for employees
  • Line manager training helps people recognise symptoms and engage with their team
  • They’ve moved online for the moment in response to COVID-19

Talking Menopause

A leading provider of menopause workshops, online learning, webinars and individually tailored programmes, Talking Menopause are on a mission to create more menopause friendly workplaces.

  • Recognising that menopausal women are demographically the fastest growing group of workers in the UK, they help organisations transform their culture
  • As well as encouraging open discussions, they advise organisations on changes to support menopausal colleagues
  • They’ve supported clients from public, private and not-for-profit sectors, both large and small


Menopause Training Company: This team is doing some great work helping organisations to remove the stigma of menopause in the workplace through manager training, helping businesses understand their legal duties and to create menopause policies specific to their organisation.


Miss Menopause: With a strong belief we can all benefit from a more positive and proactive approach to the menopause, Miss Menopause offer three services for menopausal women, managers and HR pros.


PEPPY: If your business is looking to invest in a designated support service for menopausal employees, Peppy offers one-to-one video appointments with a registered menopause nurse, mental wellbeing programmes and access to resources and toolkits – all from their handy app.


Perimenopause Hub: Founder Emily Barclay and women’s health expert Jade Blinkhorn, are a passionate duo offering informative but light-hearted educational seminars to businesses. Designed for all ages and genders, their sessions raise understanding of this potentially tough life phase. They also support organisations to create workplace menopause policies.


See Her Thrive: See Her Thrive is committed to creating inclusive organisations and are the experts in women's health at work. Covering everything from menstrual health to menopause, they help empower employers by giving them the tools, knowledge and confidence to support women better at work. Check out their menopause awareness toolkit to get you started.


The Menopause Psychologist: Got people in your team going through perimenopause and menopause? Dr Becky Quicke can help them believe in themselves again, continue with their career progression, and leave anxiety and stresses behind them.




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