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The menopause shouldn’t be all doom and gloom. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or a menopausal friend to something that brings a smile to their face, here you can find some thoughtful, unusual and occasionally downright hilarious menopause-themed gifts.

This is the internet so of course there are plenty of weird and wonderful novelty products out there. If you want to be totally candid about your menopause in a laugh-out-loud kind of way, or you want to treat someone else (as long as you know they’ll see the funny side) then here are some of the gems that tickled us. Yes, they might not cure our symptoms, but they’re a great reminder we’re not alone in this transition.


This e-commerce giant has plenty of menopause funnies listed on their site, so let the browsing commence. From therapy bracelets to neck fitted fans to keep you cool, bucket list journals to daily food diaries, simply use the search bar to find a wide range of menopause products. We tried ‘menopause gifts’, ‘menopause gifts for women’ and ‘menopause funny gifts’. And don’t forget, if you’re a Prime customer, you can have it on your doorstep as quickly as tomorrow.



You may not be able to customise your symptoms, but you can customise merchandise and gifts with the help of CafePress. They stock gifts for all occasions and the menopause is no exception. You can design your own tees, mugs, magnets and more or browse their selection of off-the-shelf menopause products.


Crudely Drawn

If it’s good enough for Davina then why the hell hot – oops, we mean not? As requested by the famous TV presenter and menopause champion, Crudely Drawn have designed it up as a tee, sweatshirt or mug, in blue or pink and a huge range of sizes. So, if you or someone you know is hot, tired, has memory loss or wants to tell people to f*$% off, then you might want to take a look at this range. They stock plenty of ‘naughties’ on the site too so approach with caution (the clue is in the name…)



If you love to treat yourself or loved ones to one-off, unique gifts and to support independent merchandisers, then it’s definitely worth checking out Etsy’s range of menopause products. With the option to personalise many products too, shop on the website or the app, for everything from menopause First Aid kits, mood bracelets and greeting cards to tees, mugs and magnets. Try a few menopause-related search terms to get a different list of products each time.


Red Bubble

With over 700,00 worldwide independent artists making and uploading their t-shirts, posters, phone cases, pillows (the list goes on), it's no wonder this selection of menopause-themed products have made the cut – over 500 returned search items, in fact! They’ve even put the ‘men’ in ‘menopause’ too with male models. Check out other tabs too, including ‘hot flushes’, ‘perimenopause’ and ‘menopausal’.


The Menopausal Mothers of Mayhem

From clothing to mugs, tote bags and stationery, Emma Skeates of The Menopausal Mothers of Mayhem provides everything you need to laugh in the face of menopause. Our personal favourites include the ‘I like wine, gin, dogs and about four people’ tote bag, and their ‘I have no desire to fit in’ clothing range.



Is nothing quite hitting the mark and you want to create your own bespoke piece? Or maybe you want a ‘his and her’ version? Zazzle’s step-by-step online process can help you create custom towels, yoga mats, clocks, clothing, invites, cards, wrapping paper, phone cases or even plates. Plus, if you’re not ready to unleash your creative flair just yet, you can also check out their range of menopause products designed by their community of artists.




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