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Taking care of your body is a no-brainer if you want a smoother ride through the menopause.

Here’s our collection of fitness and exercise services which offer a whole lot more than a scary personal trainer shouting at you to do one more press-up.

We think you’re more likely to stick to a routine if you notice a real difference in how you look and feel. All the providers below have tailored their support with menopause symptoms in mind.

From strength building to ward off osteoporosis to yoga for managing mood swings, let’s get the endorphins flowing and those hormones under control.


Want to get fitter with the help and support of like-minded women in a safe and supportive environment? HerSpirit is a community of women seeking healthier lifestyle solutions, focusing on fuel, body and mind – think better eating, exercise and spirit.

We Like:
  • Their flexible coaching support, structured training plans and online groups to help you achieve your goals
  • Download the app (Android or Apple) to join a welcoming community and access a huge array of content including exercise classes
  • They offer a free and paid (premium) subscription to suit your budget
We love:
  • That they’re partnered with My Menopause Centre, an online menopause clinic providing expert advice and support


LEAN Personal Training offers both online and face-to-face training programmes to work around you and your lifestyle, with advice and support tailored to your health and personal goals.

They’ve recently developed a programme specifically to support women experiencing perimenopause or menopause. They also have a page on their site dedicated to menopause specific training which features a range of workout videos.

We Like:
  • Choose from face-to-face or online support
  • Programmes designed to meet your specific goals
  • Workout videos to help build your core strength and cardio fitness
We love:
  • Their training advice targeting specific menopause symptoms

Menopause Lifestyle Solution

Run by menopause expert Livia Francis, Menopause Lifestyle Solution is an easy-to-follow, 90-day diet and fitness programme.

Featuring nutritious recipes, workout videos and a members-only portal, the plan is designed to help with the effects menopause has on our bodies.

We Like:
  • It’s an affordable, tailored plan designed specifically for menopausal bodies
  • Get access to a great range of menopause articles
  • Livia also offers one-to-one sessions (and you can try before you buy with a 15 minute free consultation)
We love:
  • Reading all the positive reviews from women who now feel in control of their menopause

Menopause Yoga

Founder Petra Coveney has a yoga credentials list as long as your Downward Dog. She’s also a member of the British Menopause Society, so we think you’ll be in very safe hands.

Teaching poses, breathing exercises and mindful meditation through group workshops and one-to-one sessions, Menopause Yoga aims to help improve symptoms including hot flushesanxietyirritability and fatigue.

We Like:
  • It’s specifically designed for women in their forties and fifties
  • Get info on natural remedies, Ayurveda alternative medicine, nutrition, HRT, self-care and sex when you sign up
  • Get more bang for your buck by buying a block of sessions
We love:
  • Petra provides menopause yoga training programmes to fellow yoga teachers, who then in turn can help more menopausal women

Movement for Modern Life

This online yoga platform has created a new course to help power women through menopause – Menopause for Modern Life.

Hosted by women’s health and wellbeing pioneers The Red School, Gabriella Espinosa and Petra Coveney of Menopause Yoga, this unique course is designed to bring women going through the transformational change home to themselves, encouraging introspection, self-acceptance and self-love.

We Like:
  • From yoga to breathing, meditation to discussion, the sessions cover all aspects of menopause, including physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • It’s open to complete beginners through to yoga master, so whoever you are, you can benefit from this holistic programme
  • Participants are also given access to talks, interviews and in-depth articles for both factual and practical guidance and support
We love:
  • Once you’ve signed up, you receive all the course content in sections and bite-sized videos so you set your own pace


Created specifically for busy women who want to keep their body strong, niix aims to help you to create fitness habits that last.

Download the app to access hundreds of classes, recipes, meal planners, fitness guides and more – they offer a tailored programme too if you want more personalised support.

We Like:
  • Affordable subscription plans and you get a seven-day free trial first
  • Tailored workout plans with access to over 100 classes to choose from
  • Nutritional advice to help you kick the cravings and feel good on the inside
We love:
  • It’s right there on your phone whenever you need it, so you can fit fitness into your busy schedule


You’re probably familiar with Pure Gym, known for their large chain of gyms and ultra low-cost monthly fees.

We were impressed to learn they’re actively supporting women in the menopause, and their site features a brilliant tool to find the workouts which can combat your specific symptom set. Alongside these exercises, they also provide plenty of nutritional and medical advice.

We Like:
  • 260 gyms around the UK
  • Affordable monthly payments and no contract
  • Free exercise guides to tackle symptoms
We love:
  • That a big fitness brand is taking notice and acting to support women in the menopause


Meno&Me - Created by health and fitness guru Jane Dowling, Meno&Me contains tips and tricks for fitness and exercise, nutrition and painful joints during menopause.




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