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There are some perks to going through the menopause in the 21st Century – the biggest being the rise of ‘femtech’.

Femtech is innovative technology designed to help us through the change as smoothly as possible. From apps that monitor your menopausal journey to devices that help with hot flushes, there are some exciting and fairly unbelievable products out there already. Check out our finds on the tabs below.

We expect more online solutions and technology to be created specifically for our needs but for now, if you’re looking to make your menopausal experience that bit easier, you’re in the right place.


Forums. There’s loads of them on the web on every topic imaginable – including menopause. The ones below are well worth a look if you have a question, want to read about other’s experiences or share your own, and make new connections around the world. You can come up with a nickname if you want to stay anonymous and most are totally free to join.

Balance App

Menopause expert Dr Louise Newson has designed an app to help perimenopausal and menopausal women. Manage your menopause, and read or share your own stories and advice in the community area.

It’s super easy to set-up and use and sends notifications through to your phone so you remember to update your Balance journal to track and stay on top of your symptoms.

We Like:
  • A safe place to share stories, products reviews and top tips in the online community
  • Personalised expert content relevant to you
  • Monitor how your symptoms and health changes over time
We love:
  • If you log your symptoms into the journal, the app will recommend treatments and advise you on how to start that conversation with your GP


Developed with leading experts in women’s health, Caria aims to help its users have a healthier, easier menopause. You can track symptoms, get personalised health insights, review your own analytics and access research-backed resources to improve your wellbeing.

It’s made by a US team so expect an American feel to the language and resources.

We Like:
  • Access in-app ‘courses’ to better understand the menopause
  • Guided exercises offer quick relief for certain symptoms
  • Connect with other women or receive personalised expert advice in their support section
We love:
  • It shares easy-to-understands graphs and analytics of your symptom trends

Health & Her Menopause App

Described as the first personal trainer for menopause, this app goes beyond symptom tracking. It features a customisable daily plan, evidence-based exercises and goals designed to support women with symptom relief.

To help keep you motivated and on track, set reminders for each exercise and tool within the app. Did we mention it’s free too? Download on iOS or Android.

We Like:
  • Insights help you to identify which stage of menopause you’re in, and what to expect next
  • Guided exercises and tools which include pelvic floor training and guided imagery for a better night’s sleep
  • Their content library has over 50 expert-written resources from some of the UK’s leading gynaecologists, GPs, nutritionists, sleep experts and more
We love:
  • Smart insights to help you to identify trigger factors that could be making certain symptoms worse


This social and self-care mobile app aims to help women manage their perimenopause and menopause. It was created to help us grow our knowledge so we could make informed decisions about our own care during this stage of our lives.

You can track your symptoms, print a chart with your recordings to identify trends, and ask questions and share advice with other women in the discussion forum.

We Like:
  • Friendly and helpful discussions in the forum
  • Health and wealthness blogs in the myNews section
  • You can rate your symptoms as mild, moderate or severe
We love:
  • That you can record your symptoms under myGauge to identify trends


Menotech: This tech brand for women in midlife is getting ready to launch a new menopause app. Called Matriarch, it will provide health tracking as well as a social network for women, empowering users to make the most of midlife and manage their own wellbeing.


The internet can be a wonderful tool for connecting us, but sometimes there’s nothing better than a cuppa and a chinwag. Thanks to COVID, many of these are virtual video calls at the moment but we can’t wait to get back together later this year. Check out our Events section where you can find a list of both online and in-person events too.


Want to ditch liners and treat the root cause of your bladder weakness? INNOVO® is an award-winning, clinically-proven and non-invasive pelvic floor trainer that can help you reclaim bladder control in just four weeks.

It works by strengthening and re-educating your pelvic floor muscles, with the clever Multipath™ technology meaning you just pull them on like a pair of shorts, connect up the cables and let it do the hard work for you.

  • It delivers 180 precise Kegels per session – all from the comfort of your home
  • Just 30 minutes of use a day, five times a week for up to 12 weeks offers long-lasting results
  • Yes, it’s not cheap but it is a long-term solution meaning a weak bladder can be a thing of the past
  • Their Voice of Change TV ad which blew our socks off


Ladycare is a natural, drug-free device that you place a few inches under your belly button in the front of your knickers, right where your reproductive system sits. You wear it all the time apart from when bathing.

Designed with patented technology, the creators claim their invention helps relieve or completely stop a variety of common menopausal symptoms in 71% of users, 24/7. With half a million customers in the UK, that means it works for around 350,000 women. Costing less than £50, we think it’s worth a try.

We Like:
  • Positive testimonials from both users and doctors
  • That it’s affordable and discreet to wear
  • The high number of satisfied women in the UK
We love:
  • The fact it’s natural and drug-free


The Menopod is a handbag-sized, portable cool pack that can be charged on the go – a sort of little ice pack for your neck and forehead without water dripping or peas defrosting everywhere.

The now-patented technology was designed by a concerned husband for his menopausal wife (hats off to you, sir), winning investment from Canada's equivalent of Dragons’ Den. Competitively priced and with a 100-day trial or your money back option, it’s a good one to investigate if hot sweats are driving you round the bend.

We Like:
  • Its simplicity and compact size
  • Short videos explain how it works
  • Try it for 100 days with a money-back guarantee
We love:
  • The fact this was designed by a concerned husband for his wife


Menopoised’s magnetic buttons help with hot flushes and night sweats. Inspired by acupuncture, these cute gold-plated magnets are non-corrosive so will last a lifetime. Simply place them on the back of your neck using hypoallergenic plasters which come in the pack.

Each box contains a set of four magnets and 24 plasters. They can be worn day and night (even in the shower) and users report good things. A great natural way of managing symptoms.

We Like:
  • Subtle, affordable and can be worn at any time of day or night
  • 80% of women trialed benefited from using the magnets
  • There’s also a lovely selection of aromatherapy oils available
We love:
  • A natural solution to treating menopausal temperature fluctuations, inspired by thousands of years of Chinese Medicine


We’re sure you’ll agree there’s nothing nicer than the feeling of the cold side of the pillow when you’re too hot in bed. Especially if the reason you’re too hot is down to menopausal night sweats.

Thanks to Moona, you can enjoy this feeling all night long because they’ve created an always-cool pillow helping you to achieve your best sleep. The bedside pod continuously circulates thermoregulated water into the pillow pad, after you set your perfect temperature through the Moona app.

We Like:
  • It was designed with the help of doctors
  • They offer a 30-day trial so you can see if it helps risk-free
  • The complementing app to help you manage your temperature preferences
We love:
  • The brand’s tagline: “Tonight powers your tomorrow”


Grace: A cooling and tracking device for hot flushes, Grace works 24/7 and is designed by London-based femtech company, Astinno. They’ve recently received an Innovate UK grant to fund further testing, so we’re hoping it won’t be long before this enters the market. Watch this space.




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