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Sick of feeling like you have to make a choice between being stylish or wearing something you’re not going to sweat buckets in? You don’t have to anymore.

We’ve found a number of innovative brands helping us look and feel great at the same time, offering a range of gorgeous day and leisurewear to perfect pyjamas for those suffering from night sweats.

We applaud these companies for recognising a very real need for menopausal women and actually doing something about it. As yet their ranges are small, but we have high hopes that in the future we’ll see them expand to include more than just staple lines, with bigger brands following their lead.


Become Clothing's claim to fame is the fact they’ve developed the first hydraderma and anti-flush clothing, designed to keep symptoms including night sweats, hot flushes and skin irritation at bay.

On the site, you can read more why their fabric is different and check out the wide range of clothing they provide – from hot flush–proof shapewear, underwear, nightwear through to leggings and facemasks.

We Like:
  • Their free downloadable menopause guide – and new range of menopause-friendly facemasks
  • Products not only help with hot flushes and night sweats but itchy skin too
  • Their easy-to-digest explanation of the science behind the fabric
We love:
  • They made the Top 20 list for Global Innovations in Women's Health and Wellness Apparel


Cucumber Clothing was set up by two working mums who wanted to create clothing designs that wouldn’t date. Items come with a higher price tag but you can be sure you’re buying a high quality product, made to last.

They have a menopause collection consisting of tops, bottoms, dresses and jumpsuits designed to keep you cool and odour-free. There’s also leisurewear made with their 37.5™ fabric technology, which uses volcanic minerals to keep your body at the ideal core temperature.

We Like:
  • 10% off your first order if you sign up to their mailing list
  • Female-founded and British-made
  • Styles available in sizes 6 to 20, delivered in plastic-free packaging
We love:
  • The fact they’ve listened to their customers and are determined to meet their needs


Swedish brand Dagsmejan have created a new type of sleepwear that helps keep your body at its optimum temperature during the night – so you sleep soundly and wake up fresh and raring to go.

Scientifically-proven, their soft and lightweight Balance range uses natural materials. They even have a page offering advice on how to sleep better during menopause.

We Like:
  • That products are designed using scientific research and focus on improving your sleep experience
  • Sleepwear looks great, regulates your temperature and keeps you comfortable whatever your sleep position
  • They use only sustainably-sourced, natural materials which are kind to skin
We love:
  • That their range is super stylish so you can go to bed feeling hot (and not because of pesky hormones playing hell)


With a reasonably-priced range of night, day and loungewear to help with hot flushes, their range is made from NASA-technology fabrics. This material absorbs, stores and releases heat for optimum comfort.

The site is endorsed by singer Michelle Heaton, who has undergone a surgically-induced, early menopause. We hope to see them expand into work and evening wear soon.

We Like:
  • Celebrity-endorsed by Michelle Heaton, showing menopause can affect younger women too
  • Growing range of well-made, stylish basics at reasonable prices
  • Cellulosic yarns are used – great if you prefer natural fibres
We love:
  • That this range was created after the brand heard from a husband whose wife was suffering with symptoms


Modibodi’s award-winning period and pee-proof undies are an absolute game-changer wherever you are on your menopause journey – so much so, their latest new colour drop sold out in 48-hours. Their pants give all bodies a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way to manage periods, leaks and perspiration.

These super comfy knickers can hold up to ten tampons-worth of fluid, and have a bacteria-fighting layer so things don’t get smelly. They’ve also designed a pair to keep you cool if hot flushes are troubling you. Check out their activewear and swimwear collections too for protection wherever you are.

We Like:
  • Choose the size, colour and right absorbency level for you, plus there is a seamless collection so you can wear them under anything
  • Australian-based but their UK operation means you’ll have your goodies within 48-hours of ordering
  • Their ‘Give A Pair’ donation scheme to help end period poverty
We love:
  • That they’ve thought about and got a product for every situation – work, sleep and even the beach

The Menopause Stylist

As we know with all things menopause, one size definitely does not fit all. The same can be said for your clothes. During the perimenopause and menopause, our bodies may change shape or we might just need something a little more comfy and cooling – but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to look good!

Enter Gloria Smythe, AKA The Menopause Stylist. Gloria has 30 years’ experience in the fashion industry and can help you get your confidence back with her bespoke and lavish personal shopper service.

We Like:
  • It’s a quick and simple way to boost your confidence, find your style and feel good
  • This service would be great as a treat or gift
  • She offers different packages to suit a variety of budgets as well as a free 30-minute consultation
We love:
  • Gloria’s eye for finding colours that work well with a person’s skin tone and styles that fit their body shape means her clients can feel comfortable and confident

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