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Our menopause


This is a time in women’s lives when we reach for supplements, but too many of those marketed at us are weak in dosage, not bioavailable or not a helpful formula for their specific symptoms. At LYMA, it’s different. Repeatedly, women get in touch to tell us that taking the supplement has completely changed their experience.

Our Supplement represents the world’s most effective complete nutraceutical, using a formula that contains nine patented and peer-reviewed ingredients, at doses proven to work in peer reviewed clinical trials. LYMA’s formula has been scientifically proven to help those in perimenopause and menopause.

Specifically, our patented KSM-66® Ashwagandha for stress and a sense of calm, affron® for improved mood and deeper sleep, HydroCurc® to reduce the cellular inflammation that is the root cause of so many symptoms during this time of a woman’s life and Cynatine®HNS to strengthen hair and plump skin.

For too long negativity has defined the menopause, today’s women are changing the midlife narrative and LYMA is part of that charge. Evidence based nutrition offers women the chance to take a scientific natural route – safe in the knowledge that every element has been proven to work. LYMA works brilliantly for those who take HRT, or those who decide not to, it’s all about allowing everyone to take control of their future health.

Lucy Goff,

Menopause products available at Lyma

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