Our menopause - COMMITMENT
Our menopause


At Healthista, women’s health and wellness is at the heart of everything we do. Now a proud GenM partner, we’re on a mission to help women everywhere better deal with their menopausal symptoms. We seek to reverse the taboo and normalise the menopause conversation by educating friends, family, and employers on how to support, encourage and champion women during this pivotal time.

Healthista are thrilled to join GenM on their invaluable mission to normalise the menopause conversation and provide support to millions of women. All brands and businesses should invest in helping women with their symptoms at home and in the workplace

Touker Suleyman,
Healthista’s investor, Dragons’ Den entrepreneur

Menopause services

The Healthista Menopause Pack is an educational online portal, led by experts, covering all aspects of the menopause to help women mitigate their symptoms in the workplace and at home.

The Menopause Pack

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