Our menopause - COMMITMENT
Our menopause


All menopausal journeys are different – not one experience will be the same as the next woman. However, women suffering with caffeine and/ or refined sugar sensitivity often have to give up the things they love the most, tea, coffee and chocolate! Caroboo gives women a zero caffeine, lower sugar chocolate experience that is luxurious, melt in the mouth and everything you want a treat to be. We are very proud to partner with Gen M to make menopause better in every way possible, right down to the way we treat ourselves on a daily basis.

We are proud to partner with GenM to demystify the topic of women's health and change the narrative for women everywhere. Here at Caroboo, we don't think that anyone should live a choc-less life and our lovingly created carob bars give women a moment of chocolatey indulgence without the refined sugar or caffeine. Journeys are made to be fuelled by the things you love, and the menopause is no exception

Charlotte Miller,
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