92 million results and counting…

Google the word ‘menopause’ and this is what you’ll be faced with. Surely, dealing with the menopause is hard enough without having to spend hours searching for the information you need?

We’re here to help guide you to the answers you’re looking for – fast.


The menopause is more than just a few hot flushes – there are 48 symptoms which can start years earlier. Find information and advice right here, whether it’s for you personally, or if you’re a partner, friend, relative or colleague of someone impacted.


Your one-stop shop for the top menopause-related products, services and content the world has to offer. From supplements to skincare, clothes to clinicians, find what you’re looking for quickly and easily right here.

We’ll never stop the search

We’re always on the lookout for the latest news, research and product launches.

But that doesn’t mean we share everything on our site. It has to meet the three GEN M tests – is it engaging? Is it credible? And is it efficient?

We’ve curated the best-of-the-best support so you can own your menopause your way.

The Invisibility Report

We asked 2,000 UK women between 35-60 about the menopause. We wanted to understand how they felt, what they knew, what they desperately needed – read the full report today.

Gen M Events


Whether you want to be part of the action, show your support, or just find out what’s going on. Discover menopause-related events right here.

Our Voices


We share our frank and honest views on the real issues surrounding the menopause, including our own independent research on how we can drive change.

A change for the better

This is just the start. We want to change attitudes to the menopause, working with retailers, manufacturers and organisations to find better solutions and finally recognise all of us in Generation Menopause.

A Change For The Better
Don’t we deserve better?


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