Hi, I’m Lucy, founder of LYMA. As someone whose life has been changed by supplements, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about what they can do, as well as give you a surprising insight into an industry I have got to know extremely well.

Supplements really can change your life. It’s not an understatement to say they literally saved mine. I know first-hand what they are capable of, how miraculous natural ingredients are and how science has provided proof of how those ingredients can really work their magic. For women going through menopause, this kind of support could be the difference between smooth sailing and a very rocky road.

The supplement world is like the Wild West. It’s a surprisingly lawless state, which has benefited from a lack of understanding in order to generate huge profit. That’s because it is an entirely unlegislated industry, with no governing body fact-checking brands on their promises. The phrase you need to keep an eye out for is ‘peer reviewed’ – this means the ingredients have been protected with a patent, have been independently tested and the results have been published in recognised medical journals. Ingredients claiming to be ‘scientifically tested’ and ‘clinically proven’ don’t mean anything if they’re not also patented and peer-reviewed.

Unfortunately, there is a huge discrepancy between what science has proved will work and what is actually delivered to consumers. Many people will recognise ingredients they have heard are good for their health, like turmeric, Omega 3 or vitamin C and buy them accordingly, believing these supplements will reduce inflammation, deliver sharper cognition or boosted immunity, as stated.

What is never explained is that unless the supplements containing these ingredients have been adapted to work medicinally and formulated at the scientifically recommended dosage, they will have little to no effect. It’s incredibly misleading, because even a token dose means brands are technically allowed to label the patented ingredient along with its benefits – but what they are selling doesn’t meet these claims. It’s like going to the gym for 30 seconds and being told you’ve now built muscle tone.

And you won’t be surprised to hear that a lot of this is down to cost. The truth is medical-grade ingredients at the correct dose are expensive. But you really do get what you pay for. There are many popular brands whose familiar products claim their ingredients are clinically dosed, when they are delivering only a fraction of what the scientific evidence says will work. In fact, some brands don’t even publish all their dosage levels – why would they, when they’re not legally obliged to and most people don’t know anything about dosage or how it works?

Supplements really can change your life. 1

If you would prefer to buy the ingredients in the LYMA formula individually, always ensure you go to a reputable retailer, and always check the supplements are dosed correctly. If you find the same ingredients in LYMA, dosed lower, this means it’s not clinically proven to work.

  • HydroCurc® turmeric extract. Clinically proven dose 600mg (which delivers 540mg curcuminoids). When purchasing turmeric extract, always look at the back of the label to confirm the level of curcuminoids (the active part of the ingredient). Anything less than 400mg is considered ineffective.
  • Wellmune® 1.3-1.6 beta glucans. Clinically proven dose 250mg.
  • Cognizin® citicoline. Clinically proven dose 250mg.
  • Affron® saffron extract. Clinically proven dose 28mg.
  • Lycored® lycopene. Clinically proven at a minimum dose of 15mg, but LYMA dose at an optimal 30mg.
  • Vita-algae D3® vitamin D3. The RDA (recommended daily allowance) of 600 i.u is not considered optimal for anyone living in the western hemisphere, which is why we dose at 2,000 i.u.
  • K2Vital®Delta vitamin K2. Clinically proven at a minimum dose of 75 micrograms.
  • KSM-66® Ashwagandha. Clinically proven dose 600mg.
  • Cynatine®HNS keratin. Clinically proven dose 500mg.

Start looking at the labels of the supplements you’re buying and follow this guide.

  1. Check the ingredient you’re taking is patented and features a trademark. If it’s not, it means it’s not proven.
  2. Next check if the trademarked ingredient has been published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. If it’s not, it means the ingredient isn’t medical-grade and not proven to work by a panel of independent doctors.
  3. Finally, check what the recommended dosage is – and if the product you pick up off the shelf has a lower dosage than in LYMA, don’t buy it. The likelihood is, it won’t work.

You wouldn’t take half an antibiotic and expect to recover from an illness. Supplements are no different.

This is one of the reasons we’ve had such huge success with LYMA. Our nine patented ingredients have each been independently tested in over 200 clinical trials. We know for a fact that they work. Our supplements contain the highest medical-grade, patented ingredients at the highest dose recommended – and, as a formula, their capability to transform health is unparalleled. Again and again, women going through the menopause get in touch to tell us that taking LYMA has completely changed their experience of it. It’s the reason we do what we do.

I’ll be the first to agree that LYMA is expensive. And as a businesswoman, if the ingredients we use were effective at a lower dose, we would do that and be able to charge less – but they’re not. Having spent years developing and researching our formula, there is no way we would ever put our names behind something that didn’t deliver everything it promised. That’s exactly what LYMA does.

Your health is precious and you deserve to be supported going through menopause because it can be tough. You have a right to know what you’re spending your money on and putting into your body – so don’t be afraid to ask questions and probe into claims being made by brands you may have been taking for years. My goal is to educate and empower as many people as possible, so if there’s anything you want to know about LYMA, just email me and our Concierge team, we are there to help our members with the help and advice they need.



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